How Culture Wars Have Derailed School Board Meetings Across the Country

In a recent investigative series, ProPublica reporter Nicole Carr examines the upheaval at school board meetings across the country. At least 59 people were arrested or charged over an 18-month period ending in late 2022 as a result of disputes arising at the meetings. The blowups reflect the pervasive challenges that school districts and police departments face in figuring out how to handle masses of aggrieved citizens — and what to do when the clashes lead to chaos.
Among the contentious issues: teaching concepts related to racial equity, granting transgender students access to bathrooms and other facilities that match their gender identity and allowing books with LGBTQ+ themes in school libraries.
This virtual event invites a panel of speakers to help provide a broad view of how the battles waged at the meetings have changed public education and the ideological makeup of school boards across the nation.

Speakers include:
Nicole Carr, ProPublica reporter
Deborah Caldwell-Stone, director at American Library Association Office for Intellectual Freedom
Kevin Goldberg, first amendment specialist at Freedom Forum
Carrie Sampson, associate professor in the Division of Educational Leadership and Innovation at Arizona State University
Mara Shalhoup, ProPublica South editor

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