Dems, Bernie Sanders Vow to Defeat “Republican Tax Scam”

While momentum behind the Republican tax plan mounts, Democratic members of Congress and progressive activists are pressing back against a fiscal policy they’re slamming down as a scam.

Senators Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Chuck Schumer joined Washington-area activists outside the House on Wednesday afternoon for rally organized by the Tax March, the same grassroots organization behind the April 15 event that featured thousands coming out across the country calling on President Donald Trump to release his eagerly-awaited tax returns.

What followed was a three-hour, star-studded presentation arguing the failure of trickle-down economics, the unfair reign of the wealthy over the middle and poorer class, and the merits of a welfare-based system. Most speakers derided the new plan as favoring corporate rights over individuals and granting millions of dollars in giveaways to Trump’s rich associates, spawning the event’s title and chant of choice, “not one penny.”

“This is the biggest abomination I’ve seen in all my years in the Senate, and Americans will regret this bill for decades,” said Schumer, with the backdrop of the Capitol rotunda and a larger-than-life papier-mâché caricature of Trump himself. “This bill is like a dead fish: the more sunlight it gets, the more it stinks.”

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