Comprehensive List of Outlets That Pushed Outright Lies About Nov. 4th

US (PT) – For the past couple months, the internet has been awash with speculation of “riots” or at least large scale protests scheduled for today, November 4th. Multiple different news outlets bought the hype, and spread the information. This is intended to be a list that should help you discern for the future, take anything you read from any of these websites with a grain of salt. Simply put… None of these outlets can be trusted to deliver informed, factual stories.

Let this be a warning to those that read them. You may just be reading bullshit.

FOX News, Politico, Neon Nettle, Your News Wire, and Zero Hedge are some prominent names on the list of outlets that bought the story, or helped fabricate it altogether. The earliest reports came out just a week after the large Charlottesville, VA ‘Unite The Right’ rally, that resulted in the death Heather Heyer in August. The first outlets to start with the false narratives were Liberty Today, and UConservative on August 20th. Followed only a few days later by Politico.

Without any further ado… Here is a list of as many outlets as The Fifth Column Network could find that peddled this story.

The list:

And last, but certainly not the least to bite at this massive bit of of bullshit?

This likely is not all of the outlets that promoted this story. Drop it in the comments if you think one was missed?

There is a lesson here, and it’s not very difficult to understand either. Do not believe everything you read on the internet! This all went out of control because a great deal of people expected that news they were reading was factual. So, next time you see a headline, and think; “Wow, that sounds like some big news!” Read the outlet that produced the headline. Know that it likely went through at least two people before someone called the shot and decided to publish the story.

As the Managing Editor of the outlet you are currently reading, I can say that I do not read, endorse, or even share articles from any of the above mentioned outlets. I encourage that anyone expecting a valid news article, from a respectable news source do the same.

Thanks for reading.

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