Massive Dump Of JFK Files Set For This Month, Maybe?

Washington DC, (Pontiac) – An unusual event is brewing, from the Oval Office, to the confines of the Central Intelligence Agency. Later this month a massive cache of documents related to the assassination of former US President John F. Kennedy are set to go public. However, the documents are now at the center of a tug-of-war between the White House, CIA, and over possibly inconvenient truths.

According to Politico, the next two weeks may see the remaining files on the JFK assassination released as a public archive. However, the CIA has allegedly been desperately attempting to convince President Trump to foil the disclosure. In fact, sources inside the White House claim the CIA wants the files locked for another 25 years.

What could they detail that the spook agency is so frightened of? The JFK assassination, like many things the government does, has been subjected to decades of conspiracy theory and debate. It could be that the government doesn’t want to feed notions that a president was bumped off by his own men. Most people forget, however,  that a good portion of “conspiracy theories” often turn out to be at least mostly true.

Tens of thousands of documents are included in the dump, posing another interesting angle. Even for JFK investigation vets who’ve written books and produced shows, the files are impossibly dense. Some might be useless all together, or void of any smoking gun. A majority of Americans likely won’t even notice the dump happened, or care.

Despite that, and the reality that most of the information will likely be redacted, the CIA is still deeply concerned. For the record, the agency won’t confirm or deny that it’s been prying at Trump to discontinue the leak. According to Politico, 3100 of the documents have never met the light of day. Even if nothing new is learned, researchers may still confirm what they already think they know.

One researcher, David Talbot, made headlines in 2015 with his book The Devil’s Chess Board. He explored connections between JFK, former CIA dragon head Allen Dulles, and various assassination and regime change operations Dulles enforced. The book notes motivations Dulles would have had to snuff out President Kennedy stretched from Dulles’ foreign business interests, to JFK’s attempted neutering and muzzling the CIA. Talbot puts a CIA assassination unit OP 40 as the shooters in an attempt at domestic regime change.

Among the many documents Talbot noted as being withheld are the travel vouchers for William Harvey, a leader of OP 40. With those, it could be proven or disproven that the leader of a covert kill team was in Dallas, TX the day President John F. Kennedy lost his head.

Perhaps this, and other possible evidence researchers haven’t even considered, is what has the CIA so worried. The coming weeks will see what will become of the dump. According to Politico, the files are set to drop around October 26th. However, as it stands today, anything is possible.