Motorist Killed By Washoe County Sheriff Outside Reno Nevada

Spanish Springs, NV (PT) – In the Northeastern suburb of Reno, NV Friday morning. A yet unnamed Sheriff Deputy of Washoe County pulled up to the scene of a reported vehicle stuck on the side of the road. The report shows that the deputy arrived at the scene and called for backup. Then only moments later shot the unnamed man at the vehicle multiple times.

“The Reno Police Dept. is going to be take the lead over this investigation…” Sheriff Chuck Allen touted in his press release. One that personifies the overall attitude of most Nevada Sheriffs.

First, I want to point out one major factor in that video. The smirk on Sheriff Chuck Allen’s face, as he describes yet another person being pronounced killed at the hands of law enforcement, which is over 700 now. Did that sink in? Okay now what do we know?

The deputy reported to his superior, with whom was able to smile at the media and say “…we believe some sort of struggle may have ensued, and ultimately… Many minutes later, several shots were fired by the deputy, striking the defendant… Where he died out here on scene.”

Maybe this would be a good time to mention that this all took place adjacent to 2 tract home subdivisions? The intersection of Pyramid Hwy. and Calle De La Plata has 2 adjacent housing areas. Literally, not only did this sheriff take one life, but also, he endangered the lives of everyone that lives in these neighborhoods. 

Satellite image of intersection of shooting. Image source Google Maps

I’m not advocating gun restriction, but where do you draw a line? Maybe it’s time for the gun advocates to start open carrying at protests in front of their local Police and Sheriff departments?

Anyway, what we know about the story is only what the department will share. This seems to be just like any other officer involved shooting in America. Less-and-less information gets shared about the officer, or even the suspect. According to Allen though “…our Deputy did sustain minor injuries, but not to the degree where he had to go to the hospital.”

There is so little on this, one can only speculate at this point. So The Pontiac Tribune will be following, and reporting regarding any news to come from the story.

This article was prepared by James Job for The Pontiac Tribune.


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