Who Are All These Anarchists?

US (PT) – What if I told you that everything we have been taught about Anarchism is wrong? All these things that are “common knowledge” are made-up nonsense by people with secret agendas. The truth is, in fact, so simple, it is easy to overlook.

Ask anyone. Anarchy is a non-starter. It is Somalia. You know what is going on there, right? It is a lawless land of murderers and pirates. Literally, pirates! You can not even sail a ship along that coast.

Anarchy is the crazy stuff we see in Mad Max movies — just gangs of maniacs in wicked cars and crazy costumes.

Obviously, without government, people will go nuts, killing, raping, and robbing.

And even IF some group of flower tossing hippies singing “Kumbaya” managed to declare a patch of land their own, and IF they somehow managed to keep from slitting each other’s throats or poisoning each other, an Anarchist state is indefensible: Their neighbors can and will plunder it. Armies require taxes, and only strong states can levy taxes for their own defense.

Anarchism can never work because people are savage; without the rule of law and force, they will run wild. The best that would happen in an ungoverned nation is that one ruthless gang would win, and we would go from bad government to worse government.

God help an unpopular religion in an Anarchy. And people of color What’s to stop the lynchings? Minority opinions or groups would be enslaved or outright obliterated. Who would stop them? Only threat of force could secure any personal liberties.

Anarchy, really, is simply giving up. “Do as you will shall be the whole of the law.”

Simply, “People are no damn good.”

Yet, here is an irony: If that is true, How is it that governments rule at all? Who are these special government humans that somehow manage to make people behave? This makes no sense. If people are no damn good, then any attempt to organize a peaceful society is impossible.

Governments do NOT make the general population “better,” and, we should note, the exact instant the people as a whole genuinely do not care for their government, out come the dung carts to haul off the headless bodies of their so-called “leaders.”

I do not know about you, but whenever I hear someone telling me “how awful people are,” I am wary. I have just heard a confession.

Would you rob your neighbor? Were his house burning, would you try and help, or would you watch, laughing? If you heard the cries of a lost child, would you see this as an opportunity to molest him? If you ran over a pedestrian with your car, would you say, “Ha HA! One today!”

No. Of course not.

You would do none of these things. These damn writers going on and on about our evil nature really need to get out more.

And? Honestly? Anytime you hear such talk about our “evil nature?” Well, you need to note well the person promoting that idea. He cannot be trusted. You would not want him as a neighbor; his word means nothing; contracts to such a one are a trick; you have met the classic “anti-social” personality. Beware.

What if I told you that “Anarchy” really means “Self Government?”

That was how Pierre Proudhon, the French writer in the nineteenth century, used the word, and that was what he meant when he, arguably, invented the term.

Those guys spray painting the big “A” symbols and throwing firecrackers at cops? Who knows what the hell they are, but they are not “self-governed.” They are children having tantrums. They are not scary; they are funny, and they are as likely to succeed in their ambitions as they are to fly to the moon by flapping their arms.

The true definition of a “an-archy”; that is, “without leaders,” is “self-government.” Any group composed of self-governed individuals has no problem with criminals, and they have no problem with warlike neighbor states.

Take the Red Pill.

Wake up.

Choose the pain of the free over the peace of the slave.



This article was prepared by Richard G. Crockett

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