It’s Time to Talk Solutions

US (PT) – Everybody want’s solutions to problems that have been incubating for years, and now seem to be hatching at alarming rates. As if to wonder what magical one purpose solution exists to deplete the insanity currently running things around here. It’s sort of funny, mostly terrifying, but there are many things to laugh about. The answer is simple. There is no One solution to the many, many problems we all face every day. How could there be? You want solutions? Think on it. Come up with something.

Seriously though. Educate yourself on whatever issue you want to deal with. If you do not know about an issue, how can you define it enough to ever create a solution? Read, read some more. Find opposing views and read those.
Most of our issues today are the creation of old men trying to bank on a fake monetary system. We’ve all heard the phrase “vote with your dollar” yet most of us are unable to clear our egos or are unwilling to sacrifice the convenience of our consumerist lifestyle. Start there. Better yourself. Create new habits to reflect your desires.

Define your scope. One is more likely to succeed if they have a definitive goal. Once established, only will power is needed to fulfill that goal. If one does not have a clear goal in their head, and the willpower to see that goal through, they will likely not succeed in their attempts.

The issues we face day to day are vast, plentiful, many. How do you right so many wrongs… You can’t. What you can do is choose to focus on one aspect of your day to help “you”, be more “You” you dig? If we all went out of our way to be happy, most of our “infighting” would take care of itself.

At times large groups of people can affect change. The issues with large groups are many, including but not limited too; Infiltrators: These men and women get off on “just fitting in” in order to collect intelligence on the core group of protesters. Provocateurs: These ass-hats love nothing more than getting a crowd fired up and leading the charge of destruction. These types must be identified and handled immediately. The old term “safety in numbers” no longer applies to mass groups of protesters.

Outside of the usual use of tear gas, water cannons tainted with irritants, flash bang grenades, tasers etc; once the government really cracks down, everyone packed in a city street will be easy targets. We have already seen these tactics be attempted. Corralling of protesters, facial recognition software, and finally mass arrest and or torture/death will be common in the streets in the not so far future.

If you feel a protest is the only solution you currently have, please listen closely. Learn how to control the view function of your damned cellphones. I hate black bars on the side of a video. Stop using old tactics. Instead of marching to Police headquarters, go to the offending officers home. Make a scene in his/her neighborhood. Stop going to Capital buildings when most often than not, the rats inside either lock themselves in a wing of the building, scuttle out of tunnels, or just avoid going in that day all together. Find out where these rats like to eat, and when they’ll be there. Meet them there and voice your concerns directly to them. Go to the Governors mansion and “occupy” the lawn.

If you feel your favorite politician cares, go to them. Ask them for help. Ask your local police chief and Sheriff how they feel about their current system. It may be possible to affect change just from asking really hard questions. It would be wise to never do any of this alone. Record every encounter with everyone you talk to. Have a group with you.

Develop an arrest plan. Gather people you trust and go through the steps to take after an arrest. Actually go through it. Do not just discuss it over beers. Practice. If you plan on agitating the status quo, you really should be lawyered up. I would also suggest one take martial arts classes, or at least have a decent workout routine. Conditioning your body to physical and mental abuse could be key to your survival in certain (now common) situations.

Another possible solution:
Burn it down. All of it. Fuck it.

Or, stop being angry? Good, seldom comes from anger. If you hate people who burn flags, or kiss the same sex, or about people thousands of miles away infiltrating your country… just stop it. Look inside yourself. Why do you feel this way? Wouldn’t it be better to reach out to those whom you fear, for some perspective? I believe we could all benefit from going outside our comfort zones from time to time. Then one will see, there usually is nothing to be so concerned about. Focus your anger on the system that keeps you feeling this way. Why allow them to control you?

Turn off your TV: Most programs on telivision today are editied to maximize the emotional response in the viewers. TV news networks fill your heads with propaganda and rhetoric. They control you with fear, usually using someone they call an “expert” who, in reality, is nothing more than a talking head for the proposed propaganda of the hour.

Research everything. Fuck sites like snopes dot con. If you are too lazy to look into something you truly feel passionate about, you are at best a hypocrite.  Don’t be a hypocrite. Research. Research. Research.

In my mind, the best solution I can offer is this: Be good to yourself. It’s never to late to grow emotionally. As humans, we have the great ability to adapt. I believe today’s society is one in which we must do just that. No longer should any of us settle for the way it is. We are the change. Perhaps our own, individual solutions are the catalyst needed for true revolution?


This article was prepared by Vincent Houle for The Pontiac Tribune.


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