Denver PD Gets Hammered By Trolls Over Minor Illegal Fireworks Bust

Denver, CO (PT) The Denver Police Department posted a one minute Facebook video, the day before July 4th, of a few officers making a ‘major’ bust from a week earlier. What did the officers find in the suburban neighborhood that was the target of an undercover sting operation? Fireworks. 3 – 5 thousand dollars in fireworks.

Yes, the capital of the first State to legalize cannabis, also is completely Orwellian regarding your want to set things on fire in the name of patriotism. Basically, you can drive into Denver, get high on cannabis, and also drink to your heart’s content… But sparklers, they are way too dangerous for you and your family.

Well, as should have been expected by the department. Their Facebook page immediately started getting commentary regarding the broad issue of freedom, and turning would be police supporters from their stance. The Department effectively shot itself in the foot where police relations is concerned.

Because this morning it abruptly stopped getting comments, I’m going to post it here so that you can easily go give a comment on how you feel.

“We’re trying to prevent people from getting injured during the holiday season, it’s a shame when people do get hurt by this kind of stuff.”

The premise is that this department is helping people who may or may not hurt themselves celebrating in a fashion that is meant to commemorate war. Let’s hear from some of those people now shall we?

As you can see, sarcasm is strong, and it only gets worse.

Again, the sarcasm is strong, but you get the a word in there that still seems to elude some.

Josh, and Paul were obviously pissed. Do you think Josh is interested in tax dollars funding the local police department any longer?

Alright, one more just to drive the point home.

My favorite comment of all is Derrick’s; “The reason ever increasing numbers of people favor defunding law enforcement is because of how you gleefully enforce immoral, and unjust laws written by corrupt legislators.”

And that’s actually, a really great conclusion to this article… This is a colossal overreach. The police operate under a guise of security, and upholding the law. I’m going to just say this straight up. Not one of those officers in that video gives even the slightest shit whether or not you lose your fingers today. This sting operation was about revenue, and scaring the rest of the public into turning in any illegal fireworks that might be possessed. If you are of the mind to justify these officers position, and still call yourself a patriot, maybe I need to update you on the amount of Americans killed by police in this country already this year? That number is 613. I don’t think freedom means, what you think it means.   




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