Anti-G20 Protests Rage in Hamburg for Second Day

Hamburg, Germany (Sputnik) – Police and protesters are clashing for a second day in Hamburg, Germany, as demonstrators vow to shut down the G20 summit in the city.

German police report that 196 officers have been injured during the mass protests so far, and some 70 protesters detained and at least 15 arrested.

While most of the 100,000 estimated demonstrators have remained peaceful, police responded with water cannons and teargas yesterday after being pelted with glass bottles. Barricades have been erected in some streets, some cars have been set on fire and today people broke in to a closed metro station, Reuters reports.

Greenpeace also sent nearly two dozen divers to attempt to reach a concert hall where world leaders were to be entertained following the first official day of the summit.

The 15,000 police already on hand to provide security for the summit are apparently to be supplemented with another 1,000 reinforcements from around Germany. The Hamburg Police official Twitter account reports hearing chants of “All Hamburg hates the police!” from demonstrators.

This article has been reprinted from Sputnik News.