USA (PT) – There is a 1 – 2 minute long video floating around on the internet depicting a guy on top of an oil rig doing his thing. The general consensus on this topic is that the person depicted in the video is paid about $15 an hour, but I’m going to explain why this is false which was easy to do with only one click on a google search. I’m going to include the video for the sake of those that may have not seen it already, otherwise I’m not happy about lending it any attention.

If you assume that the guy working his ass off in that video is a roughneck? You’d be where I was at the beginning. And if you browse the web looking for the average base salary of a roughneck it’s not too far off. A roughneck’s  average salary is $34,680, however, roughnecks can make up to $51,550 per year. But, click the link on the same browser search and it brings up an industry website that details the average base for everyone that gets paid to be on that site. The person doing the work in that video is the work of a roughneck, but add in any compensation for oil extracted, retirement, medical. And… Look at the average base salary of a driller (His Boss). It’s $100,000… Yeah, six figures.

There are many other people on that same job site that make more. The roughneck is the low one on that job site. 

A little over a year ago, there was another misinforming meme circulating showing a McDonald’s order yourself kiosk with similar verbiage.

The amount of employees that kiosk created to be there, and maintain, offsets if not overshadows the the one or two employees that it might replace in the store. I wrote an article debunking this argument as well. Which I might add, was a much more valid argument than the video this article is penned to debunk. You can read more on that here… Dispelling The Fear Mongering Surrounding Minimum Wage Increase.

None of this takes into account that there are unions that make certain oil giants are paying these base wages and adding benefits including medical, dental, and retirement. Nor does it calculate the overtime wage into play. This trade is notorious for having 12 hour shifts. The person you’re seeing likely makes way more than you. Plus, you cannot just google the salary for the low man on the totem pole in a skilled trade and then call others undeserved anyway. This is just not a valid debate tactic. It was easy to debunk.

Stop sharing memes that aren’t factual. It’s not helping anything. Corporations can buy politicians to stay in business, they can pay a living wage.

This article was prepared by James Job for The Pontiac Tribune.


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