Chief of Police Caught in Child Predator Sting By Fellow Officers

Walnut Grove, MN (PT) – The Walnut Grove Chief of Police, along with two other men were arrested Monday on allegations of solicitation for ‘discreet fun’ with a fake Craigslist sex ad put out by the Redwood County Sheriff office.

Michael Zeug, 45, was nabbed by the same County Sheriffs with which his precinct resides. The Dpt. conducted an operation entitled ‘Gaurdian Angel’ aimed at underage sex trafficking and got some illicit feedback from the Police Chief, shocking the community.

A Redwood County Attorney named Stephen Collins told the local media;

I never had anything that would lead me to believe that he was somebody that could do something like this, Mr. Zeug believed he was talking to a 17 year old. The thing that’s troubling, too, is not only that he would participate in this kind of activity, but that he would participate in this kind of activity essentially in his backyard

The Mayor, Greg Hanson made a statement addressing… not much at all;

He’s our only person in the office, so we have to see how we make Walnut Grove move forward, and how we get through this.”

The ramifications of this news for the area are not hard to imagine. It’s not only shocking and disturbing, it begs the question… What about this obviously disgusting Police Chief’s behavior spilled over into the profession he chose?

This is not the first time this has happened. In 2015 for example; an Oklahoma Police Officer named Gerald Nuckolls was found guilty of groping and exposing himself to a woman that had made a 911 call for help.

These issues with police overreach only seem to get worse and worse. It only helps to solidify that blind faith in local police is just not healthy. Police data routinely shows that police do very little actual crime prevention. Mostly responding and taking reports. Couple that with the fact that police nationwide kill over 1,000 citizens a year and climbing? You can quickly deduce that, any individual American citizen is more likely to be killed by a local police officer, than by Daesh terrorism.

Stop trusting local police out of blind faith, and whenever you have an encounter pull your cell phone out and record the event. I do every time.


This article was prepared by James Job for The Pontiac Tribune.

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