California on the Way to Independence From Trump’s Climate Policies

California, USA (Sputnik) – Germany and the US state of California decided to intensify their cooperation in the area of climate change and protection of environment amid US President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from Paris deal on climate change, Germany’s Environment Ministry said Saturday.

“Against the background of announced withdrawal of the United States from Paris agreement on climate Germany and California intensify their cooperation in the area of climate protection. This signal was sent by German Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks and California’s Governor Edmund Brown after a bilateral meeting in San Francisco,” the ministry said in a statement posted on its website.

According to the statement, the officials expressed their commitments to the goals of the so-called Under 2 Coalition, which was founded by California and German federal state of Baden-Wuerttemberg in 2015.

The Under 2 Coalition is a subnational coalition, which unites 170 members. The coalition was created as a result of a memorandum of understating on achieving reduction of greenhouse gas emissions to avoid a rise of average temperature on the planet.

On June 1, Trump announced his decision to pull out of the Paris climate accord. Trump argued the agreement had the potential to hurt the US economy and affect national job growth while unfairly benefiting other nations.

The president expressed readiness to renegotiate the deal under terms that would be fair to the United States.


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