Wisconsin the Failed State: Action Needed

WISCONSIN, US (PT) – It seems the state of Wisconsin leads the way for many things these days. Most of which, hinder the lives of it’s citizens rather than help. From lax environmental regulations benefiting corporations, to child labor, and corrupt courts. Yep. We here in Wisconsin are leaders alright. The next few paragraphs will attempt to inform the reader and inspire you. Inspire you to take it back. We have the power. Do we have the will?



We seem to live, in one way or another, under the realization there are “laws” and we should not break them. Why then do we allow our elected officials to not only continuously break these laws, but point the finger at groups of people other than those whom committed those crimes? Why do we tolerate a government to be so corrupt? What are we scared of?

Outside the scope of the US Constitution, states have their own sub-constitution (if you will). I will provide a link to the Wisconsin State constitution for your reading pleasure. If you have not read your states constitution, I hightly recommend you do so. You don’t have to be a genius to read these things, but you may need escosia, or duckduckgo.

Politicians are mostly the same. Party loyalty plays a huge role in Wisconsins war for her consciousness. It’s sad to see families break apart because of false hopes in a corupt government. No building of people should have that much control over a populations minds. Since we have a system in place, it would benefit us to utilize what’s left of it (at this moment in time). The GOP of Wisconsin has made it very clear they will change the “law” as they see fit. This especially happens after they have been caught colluding with enemy corporations and special interest groups who disguise themselves as “on your side” but in reality, only strive to drive up their private worth. Let’s also not forget. These maniacs know we are pissed. That’s why they pull shit like reclassifying, peaceful assembly as a riot.

Nothing this state government has done, has benefited anyone other than the fat cats slithering around their mansions. The end goal here is control through torturous means. Starvation, lack of health care and education. The destruction of the environment around us…When will enough be enough? It is important we stay focused, and stand together.

I call for a full on occupation of the capital. We hold our politicians and their workers until there are arrests, or resignations. I would suggest we have a reserve of citizens waiting for the state to play their hand. Once done, our reserve will surround that response. I am sick of watching this state turn to shit. My kids deserve better. Your kids deserve better. We all deserve better. Let’s take it back, Wisconsin!