Two Teenage Boys In One Week, Shot By Police.

United States (PT)There have been 2 teenage boys killed by police in the last week in this country. The two sad stories of Jordan Edwards, a teen shot by officer Roy Oliver in a Dallas, TX suburb. And one Saturday later, the report of an as of yet unnamed teenager gunned down by two also yet to be named San Diego police officers.


Balch Springs, TX

Last Saturday April, 29th outside a house party in Balch Springs, a suburb outside of Dallas, TX. Officers, including Roy Oliver responded to a house party on a report of underage drinking. In front of the house, in a car was teenager named Jordan Edwards along with his brother, and 3 friends. The chief of Balch Springs police, Jonathan Haber originally reported that the car was moving in an aggressive manner toward officers outside the house. Then later recanted the story, saying that the car was moving in the opposite direction of the officers.

Whatever the real story, officer Oliver fired his rifle three times into the vehicle hitting Edwards in the head and killing him. There was no report of any threat coming from the vehicle the teenagers were in, and none of the others in the vehicle were arrested for any reason. No doubt though that every kid in that car is changed for life.

Chief Haber quickly came forward days later on Wednesday announcing that Oliver had been fired, stating; “the action violated several department policies.”

This is a seriously sad story, and Jordan’s parents released a statement saying, “ grateful for the decision to terminate the officer, and anxiously await his arrest for murder.” Can you blame them? Think about your teenage boy in some minor trouble being gunned down by a police officer for trying not to get caught at the scene?


San Diego, CA

Fast forward one week to Saturday May, 6th in front of Torrey Pines High School, again in the suburbs, this time in north San Diego, CA. Officer were responding to a wellness check, allegedly called in by the 15 year old boy himself. The two officers responded to the scene after the call to find the teenager in the parking lot. The officers claim the boy pointed a weapon at them and began walking towards them. SDPD Homicide Captain Mike Holden stated; “The officers repeatedly ordered the boy to drop his weapon.” When he didn’t comply the officers both fired their guns at the teen striking him a number of times.

The teenager was critically wounded, and quickly taken to a La Jolla, CA hospital where he was later pronounced dead. It was found that the pistol the kid was holding was an automatic BB air pistol which was recovered by police. Further information on this story is being unveiled. The teen lived in the neighborhood, and was a student of Torrey Pines High.

Of course, we always hear the same thing with these stories… “There’s an ongoing investigation.” But, how many times do stories like these quickly get talked about for a day or so, and then go away?


This Needs To Stop

So time for my rant. The fact that for years now, police officers have killed over 1,000 citizens, annually, nationwide, some of them teenagers in situations where police should not even have guns drawn in the first place is not only appalling… It should be out of the question. The tragic stories of these two teenage boys above are just added to the testament of lives lost, and families under duress, over the needless and senseless ideology of public safety.

I want to iterate that police very rarely stop crime… Criminals do what they want, and they are someone’s son or daughter, mom or dad. To make a mistake is human, to lose your life over a minor mistake is unjustifiable, and that’s the reason for the uproar against police in this country. If you look at the statistics, you are more likely to be shot by a police officer than to be killed in a terrorist attack. But if you read any Fox News polls…You might find the opposite sentiment.

This country needs to seriously step up and do a couple of things. First, encourage legislation to defund your local police departments. If they get no money, they cannot take the lives of our friends and family. Second, encourage legislation for defunding federal policing agencies like the DEA, FBI, ATF, etc. Third, and this is key… Stop calling the police. If the people that called the police regarding Jordan Edwards, and the second teenager one week later had never made those calls, both of those boys might still be alive. It’s sad that the police that handled these situations were too cowardly to deal with some teenagers.

I realize it’s a radical viewpoint. But just try it… How often do you call anyway? In case you’d like to express your concern. The websites for both of the police departments are as follows: