Keith Foster trial is underway in Fresno, CA

Fresno, CA (PT) – A little over two years ago, the (second in command) Deputy Chief of the Fresno Police Department; Keith Foster, was arrested on conspiracy to distribute narcotics and cannabis. As with most federal court proceedings, this story has drug on long enough to have some updates. Unfortunately less light is shed on the story the deeper you go.

On March 25, 2015 a federal criminal complaint was filed by Special Agent Sherri Reynolds of the A.T.F. regarding Foster, and five other defendants… Two of them being Foster’s own nephews. The crime committed being conspiracy to distribute heroin, oxycodone, and cannabis. The arrest was a hot topic around central CA, so needless to say the results of this court proceeding are highly anticipated. May 11, 2017 the jury heard a third day of deliberation regarding this case… Where almost all of the co-defendants have taken plea deals. In fact, only one person has agreed to testify against foster. His nephew Denny.

The prosecution is pointing towards wiretaps, and a good deal of cash found in Foster’s home during his arrest. Foster’s defense surmises that the former deputy chief was conducting a deep undercover drug investigation… And the money found in his house? A gift from another officer at the Fresno police dept. because Foster was going through a nasty divorce. I’d like to point out here that Foster at the time of his employment made almost $161,000 yearly.

The wiretap sound bites, 30 in all played in the proceedings, included an incident in Jan. 2015. When a phone call was made to Foster from Desiree Carbajal during a routine traffic stop for tinted windows of all things. She was pleading for Foster to help, because his nephew Denny Foster had been stopped by CHP and 6 pounds of cannabis was found in his trunk. Prosecutors argue that the phone call was made to have Foster collude with the narcotics unit to pull strings and get him off the hook at the time. He certainly does nothing to counter it on the recordings. Saying things like; “Why are you so reckless?…Okay, let me call some of my guys…” and my personal favorite, “ could have provided cover.” This whole scenario is rather laughable though, now that CA has since made cannabis legal recreationally.

Interestingly, the only thing reported regarding the wiretaps and Foster seem to include him speaking about cannabis. Although, it is said that there are discussions on recordings of Foster speaking with co-defendant Rafael Guzman about buying heroin, also about selling oxycodone to Randy Flowers. Foster’s attorney, E. Marshall Hodgkins argues that nobody has ever witnessed Foster buying heroin, or selling pills… or buying cannabis from Denny Foster. Hodgkins bluntly states the entire case “is made of maybe.” And Foster swears that he was only using his nephew Denny as a confidential informant. Regarding the $15,000 loan. Sgt. John Jensen testified that he gave Foster the money, but originally stated that he gave Foster a check, and then testified to the jury that he gave Foster cash.

This whole story is really full of red flags in my eyes. Crooked cops are really no surprise to me anymore. And I don’t want to completely shift the focus away from the fact that this very high ranking officer, is the lone wolf to take on trial in a case pretty square against him. But I have a couple questions; Why is the ATF investigating drug cases? Or better yet, what was the motivation for the ATF to obtain a lawful interception warrant against Keith Foster? It seems likely they could have been investigating for even more serious crimes?

I’ll quit hypothesizing now, but those questions are valid in my opinion.

Foster already rejected a plea deal that would have put him in prison for 46 months. And again, Denny has agreed to testify. This trial is ongoing, and The Pontiac Tribune will keep you updated with developments as they are learned.