An open letter from a new editor, to you.

 Pontiac, MI (PT) – This article is being written for a few reasons; Reason number one is transparency and the basis for the article, which is brief and will be touched on a little later. Reason number two is purely so I can introduce myself. And finally, the third subject I want to touch on is basically a call to action for you, the reader. There is news to share within The Fifth Column Network.

So the first reason (transparency) is basic. I want the readers to know up front, from myself that there has been an addition to Administration at The Fifth Column network. Myself, James Job… Will be the editor for the website you are currently reading. Which leads me quickly into reason number two, my introduction:

I have been contributing to The Fifth Column News since its beginning, and there are a few other websites you can find my work published. I’ve been an activist since I was a teenager, and have really always in some way objected to the status quo. My viewpoints vary widely on any recognized political spectrum. I find humor easily in some subjects and get very passionate about others, just like anyone else would. I’d like to think of myself as pretty open minded, and I enjoy discussions and debates. I don’t really have much more input regarding my affiliations except to encourage you to click the links embedded in this paragraph and read the articles written there. You can get a better idea for yourself that way.

Other than writing, my hobbies include; skateboarding, snowboarding, really anything extreme, golf, pool, poker, hiking, music, messing around with my dog, annoying my girlfriend, and browsing around on the internet. I spend most of my social media time on my Facebook page, although, I’ve recently started taking to other sites as well. I’ve lived in many different places, and typically change locations as I’m somewhat of a vagabond. Mostly California, or Nevada is where you would find me lately. If you want to know more, by all means… Contact me.

So last but not least… You.

As a writer for this network I want to first thank you, as the reader, for your support and time. Without our subscribers neither my promotion here, or my publishing, would really mean that much. The point of this is to spread ideas, the reader is really the most important part of that, so thank you. Also, this outlet is looking for talent?

If you write, or are currently maybe taking classes for journalism/media, The Pontiac Tribune would like to take on a few extra staff writers from around the US to get original content from your locale. There are some guidelines and it’s basically volunteer work, but it’s a great start. I’m a testimonial to that. I want to grow the outlet a little bit, and really make it a platform for furthering independent media. I’ll be working closely with Justin King, as well as others to keep things fresh, well versed, and of course closely tied with TFC network.

And that’s all. I wanted to keep this short, and easily readable.

Thanks again, and until tomorrow.