Wisconsin. Home of conflict

(PT) – I understand what is happening in Wisconsin, what I do not understand is how the residents here can not seem to find any common ground. Anywhere. I believe there is just so much wrong, people feel isolated, and do not want to expose themselves to the extremest amoungst us. Who could blame them? Following is a list of some of the issues this state faces.

Wisconsin used to be pristine: As a child, I was lucky enough to live on the South Shores of Lake Superior. I could drink water from a creek without fear of becoming sick. I ate plumbs and apples every day because my friends and I knew where the groves were in our forests. Can’t do that anymore. Too many pesticides and nitrates (among others) in the soil. The saddest part is, some areas have been doused in poisons for so long, the mushrooms and saps of trees have become dangerous to consume.

Home of eminent domain: Thanks to foreign entity Enbridge, Wisconsin has lost more acreage to eminent domain than any of our neighboring states, and guess what: the latest venture for this company seeks to expand from 80′ to over 200′. This will mean the forced relocation of many, many people, not to mention the fact that most of this crude is doomed for export. Alongside many of these lines are smaller pipelines full of natural gas, thinning agents like bitumen, etc. The people and environment of Wisconsin take all the risk and see nothing in return.

Mining: Guess what? Along Wisconsin’s Western edge, there is a boom and bust industry struggling to survive. The Frac sand industry. Some of the most horrific mining sites I have personally ever seen, these operations literally erase hills and valleys off the map. They also release particulates around 2 microns wide (that’s approx. 2/10 a human hair) These airborne particles can travel up to a few hundred miles. Once breathed in, they creat a condition in humans called Silicosis. Not to worry though. Most symptoms do not show up for 15-20 years. Maybe longer. Let’s not forget also, the regular waterway pollution created by the overall negligence of the industry.

(Map of Wisconsin showing the areas of childhood lead poisoning statewide. Source – Wisconsin DHS)

Public land sold to corporations: Wisconsin leads the charge in stripping away the publics forests, by selling them off to the highest bidder. Once sold (sometimes to foreign countries) The people have no say at all in regards to what goes on there, or what comes out.

Corrupt Government: Oh boy, here we go. We all remember when the GOP here did away with our unions, right? 100,000 strong on the lawn of the capital. Any resident of Madison can tell you. Usually, there is an action ranging in size from 10-300 people there every day. Our public leaders have been caught performing all kinds of ethics violations and studying the art of collusion for awhile now. Know what they do? They change/edit/delete our laws, insert that change in some bland ALEC based legislation. This way most people will not hear about it. They have even been known to do this at 2-5 AM siting a lower probability of the angry mobs realizing what is being done. Our governor is known for talking a lot of shit, but hiding behind the only beefed up union since his election, the State Troopers and Capital Police. He also has tunnels he “escapes” the capital in. Wisconsin has recently been told they must redraw their district map, because the gerrymandering was so obvious. Add to this the insane amount of corruption on the local levels, and it’s no wonder these cowards only attend Invite only events, designed to keep their fragile egos in place.

Hunting: Wisconsinites love to hunt, no doubt about it. Our deer populations have been nearly decimated in the Southern part of the state, by Cronic Wasting Disease. Guess what we did about it? Gave the ok to big money game farms, and allow our residents to kill wolves whenever able, only helping to spread the disease.

My conclusion: Wisconsin is my home. Always has been, always will be. We have a lot of things to fight about, but we have more in common than we seem to know. It is far beyond time to get back to a simpler day. One where we fought For each other, not Against one another. All our passions here in this state, all our objections can be solved if we do but One thing. Stand together! Those in office have tirelessly shown us who they care for and no. It’s not you on County Rd. ZZ, nor is it you in that swank condo Downdown Madtown. Take your power back Wisconsin.