The Breakthrough: Uncovering the FBI’s Secret Rules

Washington DC, United States (ProPublica) – During the 1960s, the Federal Bureau of Investigations covertly targeted civil-rights leaders, women’s movements and anti-war protestors, all in the name of domestic security. The secret practices led to a Senate investigation — the so-called Church Committee — which revealed that the FBI had infiltrated civilian movements and attempted to damage the groups with smear campaigns and harassment.

In the fallout from the scandal, the FBI issued explicit guidelines in order to steer clear of abuses. These rulebooks have remained out of sight for decades. But recently, Intercept reporter Cora Currier received leaked copies, and along with her colleagues, released the confidential documents to the public.



This week on The Breakthrough, Currier reveals the story behind the FBI’s secret rules.

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By FBI – Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons

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This report prepared by Annie Waldman for ProPublica.