Colorado, United States (SC) – Boulder City Council Approves Strategy for 100% Renewable Energy

The Boulder City Council last night approved the city’s goal to transition to 100% clean, renewable energy by 2030. In August, Boulder became the 17th city to commit to 100% clean energy and Tuesday’s vote affirms the city’s clean energy goals while setting a two-year window to build strategies for achieving the commitment. Boulder’s strategy could include formalizing the city’s plans to transition to a municipal-owned utility, expand energy efficiency measures, increase local renewable energy generation, and other components. Information on preliminary pathways can be found here.

 In response to the vote, Boulder Mayor Suzanne Jones issued the following statement:

 “Boulder has put words into action by setting a community-wide goal to achieve 100 percent clean, renewable electricity by 2030. We hope this action inspires other cities across Colorado to commit to creating a clean energy future that moves beyond dependence on fossil fuels and creates more prosperity and opportunity for all.”

 Rocky Mountain Chapter Director Jim Alexee also issued the following:

“Today’s vote illustrates that cities like Boulder are making strides on turning 100% clean energy commitments into meaningful progress. 20 cities from coast-to-coast have now committed to 100% clean and renewable energy. The movement for 100% clean energy has never been based on which office holds the White House, but in communities coming together to advance  solutions that reflect local values. Boulder is showing to the state and the country that cities will continue to lead the way to 100% clean, renewable energy for everyone.”

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This report prepared by Sierra Club