WWII Codebreaking Site Reopens in Britain to Become an Elite School for Hackers

United Kingdom (Sputnik) – Bletchley Park, the UK site of secret code-deciphering projects during World War Two, is once again set to play an active role in Britain’s national security efforts by training a new generation of codebreakers.

QUFARO is a new UK initiative designed to boost the scale and quality of the UK’s cyber talent pool by delivering the country’s first national gateway to cybersecurity education and innovation opportunities.

QUFARO aims to establish the UK’s first national college of cybersecurity in 2018, by creating a cyber investment fund worth US$6 million, in the hope that it will nurture the UK’s entrepreneurial cyber businesses.

With financial firms and businesses in the UK under increasing threat from cyberattacks, QUFARO wants to create pathways in the industry for those interested in cybersecurity careers.

The initiative also aims to support cybersecurity entrepreneurs, which in turn will help make the industry the strongest in the world and offer training to businesses on key cyber defense essentials.

Alastair MacWilson, Chair of QUFARO and the Institute of Information Security Professionals, said that the cyber education and innovation landscape is complex, disconnected and incomplete.


“This is putting us at risk of losing a whole generation of critical talent. For those interested in forging a career in cyber, the current pathway is filled with excellent but disparate initiatives — each playing a vital role without offering a truly unified ecosystem of learning and support,” Mr. MacWilson told Sputnik.

“By connecting what already exists and filling the gaps, QUFARO will make it easier for budding professionals to grow their cybersecurity skills at every stage of their journey and contribute more to the sector as a result,” Mr. Macwilson added.

This report prepared by Sputnik.