Vet with PTSD loses children for legally treating his PTSD

Topeka, Kansas (KansasExposed) – Colorado veteran Raymond Schwab, who was recently featured on Bill Maher’s HBO television show, has threatened to go on a hunger strike in the Kansas State Capitol Building in Topeka if the state does not release his children. Kansas’ Department for Children and Families took Schwab’s children over unsubstantiated allegations made by the family of Schwab’s wife, Amelia. Schwab says those family members, who live in Kansas, were upset that he and Amelia were moving to Colorado.

While the state has determined that all of the allegations against the Schwabs were unsubstantiated, they continue to hold the children on the grounds that Raymond, a Gulf War veteran, uses marijuana, in Colorado, to treat his PTSD. Marijuana is legal in Colorado, not only for medicinal purposes, but also for recreational use. In a Facebook post made today, Schwab shares a letter that he has sent to Kansas DCF. Schwab states that if his children are not returned, he will file suit against those individuals responsible, and that he will go on a hunger strike in Topeka.
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Schwab recently addressed Kansas legislators, demanding that his children be returned to him:

At times tearful, Raymond Schwab addresses the Kansas Senate Corrections and Juvenile Justice Committee in regards to a proposed CBD oil bill, on January 21, 2016. (video below)

This report prepared by Mike Shatz for Kansas Exposed. 
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