Colorado will not be having a Cannabis Cup this year

Denver, Colorado (DailyHaze) – Since legalizing recreational cannabis in Colorado, people have the impression that it is a pot utopia. Colorado just proved that is not the case.

HIGH TIMES has announced that they have pulled their request for a permit for the annual Cannabis Cup that was going to be held in Pueblo. Last year’s Cup brought an attendance of over thirty thousand people to the Denver area.

It would appear that the state of Colorado was not being as friendly about hosting the Cup this year. The announcement came in the form of a note on the official Cannabis Cup website.

“As you know, there has been a great deal of uncertainty about the annual HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup in Colorado. In the past two weeks, we have attempted to secure a permit for the Cannabis Cup in Pueblo, which would have enabled HIGH TIMES to host the event there in April. However, over this past weekend, we have decided to suspend our pursuit of a permit.

As HIGH TIMES proceeds through the permit approval process, our foremost commitment is always to create the highest quality and safest event possible for our attendees, our partners and the cannabis industry.

We appreciate the efforts of the local community to expedite the process, and we respect the need for all parties involved to have confidence in all operational aspects of the event.

We remain committed to supporting the historic Colorado cannabis industry and look forward to hosting a future HIGH TIMES event in Colorado.”

The cancelling of the Cannabis Cup in Colorado shows that even in one of our most cannabis-friendly states, persecution still exists. While it may be legal in the state, it is still not embraced with open arms. It raises concerns if the fight to enjoy cannabis legally will ever cease to exist?

Image Source: Elvert Barnes, Flickr, Creative Commons 20a.Rally.SmokeIn.LafayettePark.WDC.4July2015
Image Source: Elvert Barnes, Flickr, Creative Commons

Growers of cannabis find themselves constantly wanting to share and learn new growing tips. It quickly becomes a full blown passion; that is why events such as the Cannabis Cup are so important to the cannabis community. It gives the people an outlet to share their love for the plant. It is also a great place for people to get educated on the benefits of cannabis in a friendly and safe atmosphere. This announcement of HIGH TIMES pulling their permit request is sad news for cannabis activists everywhere.

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