Ron Paul: ISIS is Big Winner of Saudi Arabia’s War on Yemen


As in Syria, Saudi Arabia has the same goals in the War on Yemen as ISIS does. The brutal Saudi-led attacks have killed thousands of civilians in Yemen and millions more face death by starvation. Still, the world awaits the results of a UN-brokered peace conference beginning today in Switzerland.

What will the outcome be?

truce announcement in the War on Yemen by Saudi Arabian forces was delayed after two senior officers were killed in an attack near the city of Taiz.

Following the delay, the Saudis announced on Tuesday that a ceasefire in its War on Yemen had started. Both sides of the conflict, according to Saudi officials, are now prepared to enter UN-brokered peace talks in Switzerland.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia shook up the geopolitical landscape of the Middle East and its effort to battle ISIS in Syria and Iraq by declaring a newly formed 34-state Islamic military coalition to combat terrorism.

Of course, Iran and Syria are not members of the Saudi military coalition.

When a Saudi official was asked whether the Saudi’s Islamic Military Coalition could include troops on the ground:

“Nothing is off the table. It depends on the requests that come, it depends on the need and it depends on the willingness of countries to provide the support necessary.”

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