New Ralph Nader Interview Reveals Bernie Sanders’ Biggest Mistake

Abby Martin | The Empire Files

In an interview with Abby Martin on her new show Empire Files, Ralph Nader reveals Bernie Sanders’ biggest mistake: agreeing to endorse Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee for President of the United States if he doesn’t win the race.


Abby Martin asks about Bernie Sanders and his followers in a new Ralph Nader interview aired last week on her show Empire Files to discuss the extrajudicial rigging of the American electoral system.

Nader compares his past insurgent campaigns to the current political climate with alternative candidates in both major parties further obscuring third party candidates and slams the corporate stranglehold on the two major parties.

When discussing the phenomenon that is Bernie Sanders; Nader takes on the issues of Sanders’ committed support to the eventual democratic nominee and explains how these actions take away the leverage voters could’ve had over establishment candidates.

“She’s never met a war she doesn’t like.” — Ralph Nader on Hillary Clinton

Nader believes candidates like Bernie Sanders turning to support establishment candidates will just “increase cynicism.”

Neither the Democrats or GOP are safe from the criticism of the former Green Party candidate when he mentions the unethical practices like gerrymandering or the massive donations establishment politicians receive from corporate interests on both sides of the aisle.

You can watch the full Ralph Nader interview with Abby Martin below:


Nader isn’t running for any position these days and seems more than happy to remain that way judging by how freely he speaks in the interview.

He doesn’t even come to support any agenda besides making the election process more fair, balanced and actually responsive to the voter.

When it came down to the classic questions about the seemingly inevitable destruction of alternative candidates Nader only had one thing to say about the “lesser of two evils” style of “tactical voting”:

I believe voters should only vote for someone they believe in.”

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