Leader of ISIS Emerges to Threaten Israel, Saudi Arabia

Jim Carey | The Pontiac Tribune

For the first time since May 2015, the leader of ISIS has emerged to release an audio recording in which he threatens attacks on Israel, calls for the Saudi royal family to be overthrown — and reminded Palestinians they “had not been forgotten.”



The French news agency AFP released audio, alleged to have come from ISIS, containing a message to their enemies. The recording was of one man speaking for about 24 minutes; it is suspected to be the leader of ISISAbu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

In the recording, al-Baghdadi assured the “soldiers of the caliphate” that they were gaining ground and assured them “God is on your side.”

(Editor– Zbigniew Brzezinski talking to the Mujahideen: “God is on your side!“)

What made this recording important, though, were the statements Baghdadi made towards the formerly unaddressed nations fighting ISIS; the regional power players Israel and Saudi Arabia.

The last time the leader of ISIS was heard from was in May of 2015 when he was calling for recruits. The tone of al-Baghdadi’s voice in his latest message is clearly different, made obvious by the heightened level of confidence in comparison to the previous recording. In the new recording there are threats of additional attacks on US allies.

Baghdadi called for an insurrection inside Saudi Arabia to overthrow the royal family, which he accuses of being the mastermind behind the crises in the region.

German Intelligence Warns Saudi Arabia Is ‘Destabilizing Arab World’

ISIS has already claimed responsibility for attacks in Saudi Arabia.

“Daesh and its followers have made it very clear that Saudi Arabia is their ultimate target,” Saudi analyst Fahad Nazer told the AP in September. “Because of Mecca and Medina … That’s their ultimate prize.”

The new denunciations however; were more focused on the recently announced Saudi-led “Muslim coalition to fight terrorism,” despite the Saudi’s role in funding radical Islam world wide.

The strongest attack on the legitimacy of the coalition was directed at the Saudi stance on Palestine.

“The Israelis thought that we forgot Palestine and that they diverted our attention from the issue, but that is not the situation. We have not forgotten Palestine for a moment,” he explained.

Baghdadi sees the Saudi-led coalition as “false” for attacking what he considers to be the true caliphate while ignoring the plight of fellow Muslims in Gaza and the West Bank.

It is to be imagined that this portion of the recording got the attention of defense analysts worldwide. By simply mentioning the Palestinians struggle for independence, ISIS has finally elaborated their “official” position on Israel.

The leader of ISIS warned Israel that they would soon “hear the footsteps of the Mujaheddin” approaching. Baghdadi threatened the Israelis that ISIS was getting closer “day by day” and that the caliphate had “not forgotten Palestine for a single moment.”

Baghdadi warned Israel that they would soon “hear the footsteps of the Mujaheddin” approaching.

Although Western media may downplay this in the days that follow, there is no doubt that this will push the conflict with ISIS to a new level.

Israeli officials will most likely stick to the line given to the public that “Israel doesn’t fear ISIS.” This attitude has proven dangerous in other nations attempting to suppress Muslim populations.

The leader of ISIS is on what could be seen as a winning streak when it comes to proclamations from foreign extremists groups pledging their loyalty to Baghdadi’s leadership.


Should Israel be worried with how easily ISIS has managed to make alliances with terror groups from Africa to the South Pacific?

As one of the United States’ closest allies, Israel surely knows they are at risk of “lone wolf” attacks similar to those in the United States; even more so after factoring in ratios of Muslim citizens within the agreed borders of the nation. At the very least, one would think the Israeli government would already be concerned with the ISIS-affiliated groups operating next door in Gaza.

We can’t know when, or if, we will ever hear from the leader of ISIS again.

Baghdadi’s whereabouts are unknown and he has managed to stay concealed even after a convoy he was in had a close encounter with coalition bombs. The ability of ISIS to spread their influence worldwide has improved. They’ve also obtained the ability of somehow remaining hidden from Western intelligence in the information age and global NSA surveillance.


With almost every nation possessing any kind of formidable military already involved in the conflict in Syria, the potential enemies of the Islamic State will continue to grow.

Diplomatic actions may appear hopeless during the early stages, but talks towards any kind of peace in the region are surely a safer bet than simply amplifying the aggression in Syria, a conflict which already caused hundreds of thousands of deaths and displaced many millions.

Western nations and their allies in the Middle East continue to act in ways that feed directly into the propaganda machine of ISIS while hoping to make short term strategic gains.

Perhaps it is time for Western powers to take a closer look at their allies in the region playing with fire.

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