Here’s What You Were Never Told About This Information War

Investigative filmmaker Miguel Francis-Santiago hosts ‘Mosaic of Facts‘, an exploration of the role of corporate media news outlets in the information war, and all ways in which it is used to sway and manipulate public opinion.


Can you tell truth from lies in the news?

Miguel Francis was on a personal mission to investigate those responsible for the war on Ukraine, an event he describes as “a humanitarian catastrophe” — but  discovers a tangled web of misinformation.

“Hopefully it will get more people in the mainstream to wake up to the extremely dangerous situation which has developed in the mainstream media, which more than any single factor is leading the world to war.” –

What are we not being told about this information war?

Who started it?


Airing on RT’s Documentary channel, ‘Mosaic of Facts’ seeks to discover answers to these questions from unbiased sources. The documentary includes interviews with several independent journalists, filmmakers, and authors discussing public relations, group-think, crowd psychology, terrorism, the corporate media — even the alternative media.


Aaron Hawkins (StormCloudsGathering

Fmr. AP Journalist Robert Parry (Consortium News)

Geopolitical Analyst Eric Draitser (

Yulia Marushevska (Ukrainian Activist)

Fmr. Advisor to Bill Clinton, Naomi Wolf (

Anatoly Shary (Ukrainian Journalist)

Col. Lawrence Wilkerson (Fmr. Chief of Staff to SOS Colin Powell)


When the film debuted on 9/11/15, Miguel Francis released the following statement:

“For me the 11th of September is a date that will always be the day the Twin Towers, symbols of freedom as I then thought, came crashing down like a baseball being dropped from a 100 story building. I will never forget the image that I saw, standing across the Hudson in downtown Brooklyn, waiting for my Mom to pick me up while the phone lines were completely down. The truth about this disaster, that would trigger world-wide changes in the way we view things and value this planet, might never come out into the public domain.Twenty eight years prior to 9/11/2001, another event took place on September 11th 1973, that would also shake up the foundation of my family. On that day, democratically elected President Salvador Allende was toppled along with his government in the Republic of Chile. The coup d’etat was done by General Augusto Pinochet, who as you may know by now was supported by the United States of America. During Pinochet’s rule, at least 3000 people have been executed and disappeared without a trace. During those days, when the police were going around Santiago looking for those in disagreement with the new government, my grandfather Nelson would hide my father Frank and uncle Manuel in the attic from any possible repercussions. Twenty eight years was enough for the truth behind this event to finally come into public domain.

I really wanted for my next film “Mosaic of Facts” to be released on this date. I wanted to underline that in an era of digital technology the saying that  “Information is power” has never been more true! Information controls the world and the information dominance has been at the hands of the West and U.S. in particular. My investigations in Crimea and Donetsk confirm this conclusion on how important it is, to control the flow of information and the narrative. I have relatives both in Russia and America, many have been split by this information war. I’m saddened by the fact that the initiator of this infowar‬ is the United States—a country that supposedly screams of equal rights and opportunities for ALL the people in the world.”Miguel Francis-Santiago, RT Filmmaker.

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