RAF Given Green Light to Shoot Down Russian Jets? Moscow Requests UK to Clarify

Aaron Nelson | The Pontiac Tribune

Russia has requested clarification from the UK regarding a news report currently circulating around the international corporate media. Rumor has it the British Royal Air Force has been given the green light to shoot down Russian fighter jets over Syria and Iraq.


Moscow — Relations between the US and Russia have quickly deteriorated since Russia started bombing ISIS in Syria.

News outlets of every kind are struggling to keep up with the stream of major news reports that share a common theme: the world on the brink of war.

Rapid changes in military alliances, increased US-Russian media propaganda, massive social media censorship, arrests of alt media journalists, and other war developments involving US/NATO alliesRussia, Saudi Arabia, China, Iran, Syria, Turkey, Iraq Ukraine, Brazil, India, Venezuela, Afghanistan, and North Korea, just to name a few — well, you can see why so many are nervously anticipating what might come next.


At this moment, corporate media reports are circulating around the world that claim British Royal Air Force (RAF) pilots have been given the go-ahead to shoot down Russian military jets over Syria and Iraq.

If the British government really did give the Royal Air Force a green light to shoot down Russian jets in Syria and Iraq — that would mean the United Kingdom and Russia may now be at war.

Moments ago a spokesman for the British Foreign Office released a statement dismissing the false media rumor, after talking with the Russian Defence Ministry because it sought “clarification over inaccurate newspaper reports concerning RAF rules of engagement in Iraq.

Several world leaders and different international media outlets are warning of the possibility of a new world war.

Meanwhile, in response to the Syrian war and its potential to trigger a much larger third world war — the “doomsday seed vault” in the Arctic has been opened for the first time ever.

Syrian Civil War Prompts Opening Of ‘Doomsday’ Arctic Seed Vault

It just so happens that government officials in the country where the seed vault is located, Norway, have been warning of an Arctic war between the US and Russia.

To make matters worse, Norway just increased its military budget to $6 billion — because they believe there is a possibility of a Russian attack.


Norway also warned it was facing cyber and terrorist threats.

In August, CNBC prophetically joked that it was time for “Santa to move over” because Putin claimed the North Pole.”

In July, Newsweek warned that America was lagging behind in the race to “control the Arctic.”

As China and Russia boost their military presence in the resource-rich far north, U.S. intelligence agencies are scrambling to study potential threats in the Arctic for the first time since the Cold War, a sign of the region’s growing strategic importance.

Over the last 14 months, most of the 16 U.S. intelligence agencies have assigned analysts to work full time on the Arctic. — LA Times: September 7, 2015


Yes, these developments could trigger such a monumental event any day now.

Would the British Royal Air Force really dare shoot down Russian jets in Syria and start WW3? Unlike the Russian Air Force, the British RAF has not been invited to coordinate military operations in Syrian airspace by the Syrian government or the government of Iraq.

The major triggering event could be the RAF shooting down Russian jets — or it could be in Turkey;  or in Israel — it could also be the US Navy warships headed to confront China. Or, perhaps, the top US Navy Commander making comments aimed to restrict China from helping Russia.


It could even be a Russian attack; or another false flag on the scale of 9/11 on the U.S. homeland — or in Turkey; or even China.

Americans need to Start Paying Attention.


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