DTE Protesters Reveal Radio Frequency Device in Smart Meters

Shane Trejo | The Pontiac Tribune

A few dozen people stood outside DTE Energy headquarters Sunday afternoon protesting the mandatory implementation of smart meter devices they feel are invasive and dangerous.

DTE Smart Meter Devices

Detroit — Orchestrated by the patriotic organization Warriors for American Revolution, the goal of the protest was to raise awareness about devices the group feels pose significant risks to personal health, public safety, and civil liberties.

Those at the protest handed out fliers revealing smart meters contain radio frequency technology that will be able to remotely disconnect your house electrical device without your permission and communicate and possibly regulate your heating, air conditioning and home smart chipped-appliances andmay cause cancer, heart palpitations, nausea (and) DNA damage.”



Co-organizer John Holeton spoke about what he hoped to achieve by organizing the event:

While such concern may seem far-fetched to some, recent bizarre circumstances at Livonia city council meetings demonstrate that it may indeed be warranted.

Another co-organizer of the event, Pauline Holeton, had her civil rights blatantly violated when she was denied the right to speak — by city council members.

The whole sordid affair was caught on videotape and is available to view here:

In lieu of these developments, Michigan lawmakers have sprung into action.

Members of both right and left-leaning parties have joined forces to support common sense reforms regarding smart meters. These measures would affirm the right of consumers to decide for themselves whether or not they want a “smart” device in their home.


HB4916 is Now in the House Energy Policy Committee

Introduced by Rep. Gary Glenn (R-Midland) and Rep. Rose Mary Robinson (R-Detroit), House Bill 4916 would grant consumers the right to deny smart meter implementation and purchase a traditional meter instead.

This would be a hit to those utility companies who penalize consumers that denyDTE smart meters.

“I am happy to sponsor House Bill 4916 to overturn the Public Service Commission’s rejection of his position so that electric customers can choose a metering option that they are comfortable with and want,” Rep. Glenn said about the bill.

Glenn and Robinson’s bill has already received a wide array of bipartisan co-sponsors.

This shows that even in today’s hyper-partisan political climate, serious issues can receive a tremendous amount of support. Buoyed by liberty activists like John and Pauline Holeton, real reform on this key issue may be just right around the corner.

HB4916 is now in the House Energy Policy Committee.


Feel free to contact contact the members of that committee and demand that they quickly approve the bill so it can receive a full vote in the state House.

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