Noam Chomsky Interview: ISIS, NATO & Humanity | VIDEO

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An interview with Noam Chomsky hosted by acTVism Munich in which the significance and role of whistleblowers, the alternative media, activism, ISIS, and many other related issues are discussed.

Exclusive Interview w/ Noam Chomsky

In an exclusive interview with acTVism Munich, Noam Chomsky discusses — everything.

Who is Professor Noam Chomsky?

From Noam Chomsky’s biography on the European Graduate School’s website:

“The first article Chomsky ever wrote was published in the school newspaper just a few weeks after his tenth birthday as an editorial on the fall of Barcelona in the Spanish Civil War. Chomsky came across anarchism very young and even published an anti-fascist article when he was just twelve.”

“In 1945 he began studying philosophy, mathematics and linguistics at the University of Pennsylvania where his teachers included the famous philosopher and systems scientist C. West Churchman, the distinguished philosopher Nelson Goodman and the renowned linguist Zellig Harris.”

“Under the guidance of teachers such as the Russian linguist and literary theorist Roman Jakobson and one of his former mentors Nelson Goodman, Chomsky did research for several years at Harvard University on the grammatical constructions of Hebrew.”

“In 1955 he presented a doctoral thesis on syntactic structures entitled ‘Transformational Analysis, which would pave the way for his revolutionary concept of transformational grammar.”

“Chomsky then joined the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge where he was first appointed professor in the Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics, before being promoted and take the Ferrari P. Ward chair in 1966.”

I would be very pleased to be able to discover intellectually convincing connections between my own anarchist convictions on the one hand and what I think I can demonstrate or at least begin to see about the nature of human intelligence on the other. But I simply can’t find intellectually satisfying connections between those two domains.” — Noam Chomsky

What is acTVism Munich?

acTVism Munich is an independent and non-profit global online media network that broadcasts regularly from Germany. Their goal is to surface issues that are neglected by corporate media through investigative journalism while remaining as objective as possible.

To stay in line with this philosophy, they finance their news organization solely through donations.

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