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Back on television with a new show on teleSUR, Abby Martin explores the rise of the military industrial complex — investigating how a state of perpetual war has robbed humanity of its livelihood.

Abby Martin is Back on the Attack

Abby Martin Empire FilesAfter watching just one episode, The Empire Files is clearly going to be my favorite television series — ever.

Abby Martin is back, attacking the military-industrial complex where it hurts most by exposing American propaganda manipulating reality.

As of last night, she now leads a team of investigative journalists “providing coverage and analysis from the field with a fearless, aggressive edge backed by rigorous fact-driven reporting and first-hand accounts.”

The corporate-owned outlets should be scared right about now, because when you watch the first episode (embedded at the top of this page), you’ll learn everything you should have been told about global issues linked to the American empire and its endless war on terror.

In her interview with acTVism Munich earlier this year, Abby Martin displayed confidence — that we’re going to win the information war. She predicted a new media revolution would soon be occurring.

It appears she was right. teleSUR easily reaches over 492 million people in 110 countries. Abby Martin is back and she is stronger than ever.

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The most powerful weapon being the rise of independent journalists who are sick of playing by the corporate media’s rules. The growth of the alternative media since 2013 has given us a chance to win this information war.

Empire Files will definitely help.

Corporate MediaOnly 18% of the population expects the corporate media to tell the truth.

Everything changed when America decided the mainstream media was to no longer be considered legitimate.

We should be thanking fearless journalists like Abby Martin for reporting the truth about the U.S. establishment’s war on freedom, privacy, terror, drugs, minds, whistleblowers — wars on literally all information — to secure false narratives in the nightly news and minds of America.

The first amendment no longer represents us.

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Trusting the GovermentThe percentage of Americans trusting the government is telling.

The teleSUR press release states:

The new show, called The Empire Files, is a weekly, documentary-style investigative report presented by Abby Martin and airing from Friday September 4, 2015 on teleSUR English.

The show’s mission is to document a world plagued by rampant inequality and endless war by putting an incisive lens on power, corruption and globalization through rigorous investigative journalism.

The Empire Files will cover local and global issues linked to the empire, its endless war on terror, and its disastrous impact on human and civil rights at home and abroad. Abby Martin will lead a team providing coverage and analysis from the field with a fearless, aggressive edge backed by rigorous fact-driven reporting and first-hand accounts.”

The Global Political Awakening is Real

Birgitta Jónsdóttir, member of the Icelandic Parliament and former WikiLeaks spokeswoman:

“We are living in transformative times, where nothing is as it seems, important news is not covered. That is why we need aggressive reporting to expose and understand it. Abby has the depth and courage to do it!”

Dr. Nafeez Ahmed, Investigative Journalist:

Abby Martin is one of the few truly fearless journalists who speaks out about the biggest global challenges we face today, getting to the heart of the systemic change needed to address rampant corruption and injustice.”

John Kiriakou, CIA Whistleblower:

Abby Martin broke the set bringing us the news nobody else had the guts to report. I welcome her continued truth-telling at The Empire Files.”

Prof. Mickey Huff, Director, Project Censored:

“Breaking the Set introduced people around the world to the top-notch journalistic integrity of Abby Martin. The Empire Files will take to the next level the kind of hard-hitting reporting that holds those in power accountable and deconstructs imperial propaganda in an era of US/NATO hegemony. In a media landscape where six companies control 90% of the news, we need fearless, courageous, and independent journalists like Abby Martin now more than ever.”

Max Blumenthal, Author of Goliath and The 51 Day War:

Neocon warmongers don’t want you to watch Abby Martin, and with good reason: She routinely kicks their asses and literally takes names.”

Dr. Vijay Prashad, Award-Winning Journalist and Author:

“Some countries get to strangle other countries — either through the weapon of debt repayment or through aerial bombardment. This strangulation, by its old name, is imperialism. Corporate media has a stake in disguising the strangulation as financial mismanagement or humanitarian intervention. Our media has to be more forthright. We have to call it what it is. Abby Martin has the guts to do so.”

So, you think the dinosaur media will be able to recover — or is the mainstream news about to go extinct?

Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.” – George Orwell

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