Doreen Hendrickson: Meet The IRS Whistleblower Ignored By Corporate Media

Shane Trejo  |  The Pontiac Tribune

This jaw-dropping story has been ignored by the corporate media, but has been covered extensively by The Pontiac Tribune.


Doreen Hendrickson — a mother of two who was railroaded and denied a proper trial in federal court for whistleblowing about Internal Revenue Service (IRS) corruption — has filed an appeal against the miscarriage of justice that was perpetrated against her earlier this year.

This is Doreen Hendrickson‘s Story

Libertarian activist Doreen Hendrickson has worked for years alongside her husband Pete to get the suppressed truth out about the limited nature of the income tax.

Because of the findings put forth in Pete’s seminal work, Cracking the Code, the feds have been on a multi-year witch hunt to destroy the credibility of the brave couple and to conceal the generational fraud that has been inflicted upon hard-working Americans by the IRS.

Pete had already been jailed in the past on trumped up charges, but his story pales in comparison to that of his wife. She was charged by the federal government for defying two court orders:

One commanded Doreen to repudiate her previously-filed, sworn tax returns and replace them with new ones containing testimony dictated by the government,” Pete said. “Doreen was ordered to swear to her personal belief in the testimony she was ordered to make and to conceal the fact that the returns she was ordered to make would be coerced and false.”

In short, Doreen was faced with an ultimatum:

She could obey the court order and state that she had falsified a tax return, in which case she’d be coerced into committing a felony; or she could stand by her word and her conscience, and refuse to obey the court order that would force her to perjure herself.

Doreen did what was right and chose the noble optionshe refused to play the feds’ wicked game.

But now she is paying the price for her integrity.

On Apr. 9th, she was sentenced to a minimum of 1.5 years in prison for ‘alleged’ contempt of court. She is now incarcerated in Alderson Federal Prison Camp in West Virginia.

5 Shocking Facts About Doreen’s Trial:

  • Doreen was not allowed to reference any Supreme Court cases that would have demonstrated her innocence to the jury.
  • She was not allowed to reference the thousands of stories from Americans who have received refunds because they filed their tax returns based off of the information obtained from Pete’s book.
  • Government attorneys lied about a relevant statute and tried to prevent the text of the statute from going to the jury.
  • Mrs. Hendrickson was not allowed to get through her opening and closing statements due to being taunted by the arrogant judge — and she was not even given the proper time to make her case.
  • To add insult to injury, the jury was instructed NOT to consider the Constitution of the United States while considering the verdict. They were told: It is not a defense to the crime of contempt that the court order was unlawful or unconstitutional.”

But this story isn’t over.

An appeal was officially filed on July 20th with the hope of overturning the abominable decision and giving Doreen back the freedom that was unjustly robbed from her. The full text of that appeal can be found at this link.

“There is no valid case against Doreen,” Pete Hendrickson wrote in an e-mail newsletter regarding his wife’s appeal. Yet the government proceeded with its ‘prosecution’ anyway, deliberately taking a series of law-defying steps in order to contrive a ‘conviction.’ This can only have been done in order to try to make an argument that cannot be made on legitimate grounds.”

This is axiomatic. Deceit, evasion and corruption are only resorted-to when truth, forthrightness and integrity will yield unwanted outcomes.”

A short documentary film was produced about this sordid affair. It has already received nearly 10,000 views on YouTube and was picked up by many alternative news outlets, including The Pontiac Tribune:

A full-length documentary is in the works as well, and is expected to be released sometime this year. A GoFundMe account has been created to help Doreen cover her legal fees, as this entire ordeal has been a terribly traumatic and expensive nightmare for the family.

Nevertheless, the Hendrickson family continues onward and will never give up their fight against IRS corruption — no matter what the personal consequences may be.

Real Americans don’t accommodate fog, lies and a sliding scale of adherence to the rule of law,” Pete Hendrickson said. “Real American men and women stand up for the truth and the law, come what may, knowing that it is only by setting the bar at the top and enforcing it, come what may, that liberties are secured.”

The silver lining to this terrible situation is that thousands of people have learned the truth about the nature of the income tax. They now fully realize the disgusting lengths that the federal government will go to continue robbing and subjugating the masses. Spreading this story and pushing it to go viral can help return justice to the former Land of the Free.

The Pontiac Tribune will continue to publish the latest details on the Doreen Hendrickson story as it develops.


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