Rumors Of Dead Putin Sweep Web

The corporate media attached conspiracy theories to the 10-day disappearance, causing false rumors of dead Putin to go viral across the web. Why?

(The Pontiac Tribune) — Over the last week rumors have been circulating in the media about the disappearance of Vladimir Putin.

In what now appears to be another U.S. think tank misinformation campaign with an agenda, the mainstream media had millions of Americans questioning whether Putin was actually dead.

Putin broke those rumors this morning.

It would be boring without gossip.

Putin said on television with a smile on his face.

Where did these rumors come from? Just 4 days ago on March 12th, Putin postponed several visits with other world leaders. The western press immediately attributed this to him being in a poor state of health.

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Then, the United States sent more military hardware to the Russian border. The mainstream media barely glanced over it.

When Putin re-appeared after 10 missing days, Russia sent nearly 45,000 troops north as part of snap-readiness exercises to boost Russia’s military presence in the Arctic and test how quickly special operations forces can be moved along large distances.

Something much bigger is going on behind the scenes.

The mainstream media knows that they can distract you from the United States  acts of military aggression with such petty rumors. Don’t fall for it.

Vladimir Putin’s death rumors hail in comparison to the idea of the world being on the brink of World War 3.

This is a developing story.

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