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The First Amendment was not written to protect recipes, selfies, videos of cats, or statements about the weather. The First Amendment was written to protect the objectionable and the offensive.

According to new Facebook rules and how they are interpreted, sharing this article could get you banned.”

Blocked on FacebookNEW FACEBOOK RULES

Facebook revamped its community standards yesterday. According to the new rules and how they are interpreted, sharing this article could actually get you banned from Facebook.

One of the most chilling changes is that users can now be banned for supporting or praising “criminal” activities.

Facebook has said it will remove content in support of violent or criminal organizations. The company also throws out the word “terrorists.”

Being an international company, Facebook will end up being the arbitrator of which groups are terrorists and which groups are freedom fighters.

We also remove content that expresses support for groups that are involved in the violent or criminal behavior mentioned above. Supporting or praising leaders of those same organizations, or condoning their violent activities, is not allowed.” – Facebook

censored word on computer keyboard pc

Which side is okay to support in Ukraine? Is it ok to support or condone Palestinians? What about Anonymous, the “cyber-terrorist” collective? Supporting the protesters in Ferguson? Russian dissidents speaking out against Putin? What about supporting the US military, which has been called a terrorist organization by other countries?

Facebook has decided to become the world’s censor. This may end up being the final nail in the coffin of a social media outlet that has seen users flee from other idiotic policies.

In addition to a ban on supporting organizations that Facebook has decided it doesn’t like, the social media giant has decided it’s time to protect the politicians they have bought.

In a section labeled “attacks on public figures,” the company says it won’t tolerate “hate speech” directed at public figures. What qualifies as hate speech? It doesn’t say in that section.

Elsewhere in the standards it identifies hate speech as:

Content that directly attacks people based on their:

Race, Ethnicity, National origin, Religious affiliation, Sexual orientation, Sex, gender, or gender identity, or Serious disabilities or diseases.

Organizations and people dedicated to promoting hatred against these protected groups are not allowed a presence on Facebook.”

So, I guess Tea Partiers can no longer call the President a Muslim in a derogatory fashion. Democrats can’t mock Romney for having more than one wife.

Facebook has established rules that are so broad that they allow the company to censor whatever they wish.

Let’s be clear, Facebook is a private company and therefore they can ban whatever they choose.

We as private citizens can also demand that a US-based company abide by the ideas of the country.

The First Amendment was not written to protect recipes, selfies, videos of cats, or statements about the weather. The First Amendment was written to protect the objectionable and the offensive.

The First Amendment was written to protect these statements found on my newsfeed today on Facebook:

“Obama is a hypocritical war-monger. That Muslim traitor needs to go.”

“These Christian fundamentalist scumbags in congress should be drug out of office and beat. That letter was f-cking treason.”

“One day some old Guinea is going to shoot an old Asian. We’ve already had to stop one neighbor from beating the shit out of an Asian kid for parking repeatedly in his driveway. Lack of basic respect for others or their property is not acceptable.”

“Erin Go Braugh” (A statement of support for the Irish Republican Army)

“I like my guns like that n-gg-r likes his sp-cs. Unregistered.”

“We are legion.” (Statement of support for Anonymous)

“He’s a jew, and a Mossad agent.” (Said about Islamic State leader Al-Baghdadi.)

“Putin can suck my d-ck like the f-gg-t he is.”

“That pilot was bombing children. They burned alive. I don’t care that they lit him on fire. It’s the only thing America’s puppets understand.” (Said about Jordanian pilot burned alive by the Islamic State.)

“Cops wear vests. Aim high.”

“You’re a g-dd-amn-ed piece of sh-t. You and your Mick buddies and all you drunken Irish sheep f-ckers should f-cking die a horrible death.” (Said to me because I don’t have a problem with gays marching in the St. Patrick’s Day parade.)

“We need to start beheading those f-cking c-cksuckers like they do our kids. Islam is not a realigion of peace.”

“The only sad thing about the Ferguson shooting is that those cops didn’t die.”

“Free Barrett Brown! Free Jeremy Hammond! F-ck Sabu’s F-gg-t a—with a pinecone.”


Is my newsfeed pretty diverse? Yes. Are some of these statements offensive? Sure. Should they be banned? Of course not.

If you only believe in supporting Free Speech that supports your opinion or the opinion of your fellow “Sheep f-ckers,” you don’t support the idea of Free Speech. Should Nazis be able to post on Facebook? Sure. Should Jews be able to troll them mercilessly and advocate violence against them? Yep. Welcome to Free Speech.

There is no good that can come from cutting off access to other opinions.

Facebook’s real message is pretty clear in regards to criminal conduct:

Obey the government, or be banned.”

About the author

Aaron Nelson co-founded and built The Pontiac Tribune in January 2015.


  1. Dick

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  2. Anonymous

    The problem becomes their goal as a company is to connect the world and when a news article is published people will want to voice their opinion. FB is too big to restrict people’s legal thoughts and posts and still maintain a ethical business. When a public business is acting unethical people need to force change. They are choosing a losing battle if it gets too restrictive.

  3. AndrewR

    I don’t think calling for extrajudicial violence should be protected speech. Take Obama: It’s one thing to say “he should be impeached, tried and, if convicted, executed for [insert alleged Obama crime here].” That should be protected speech. But saying “someone should kill him” should be a prosecutable offense. There is no civic value served in allowing that sort of speech.

  4. naked

    I could not refrain from commenting. Perfectly written!

  5. Paul Pot

    I got locked out after I posted about racial profiling by the police.
    They said I wasn’t using my real name.
    This is the third time this year but this time they won’t accept my passport nor any of my ID.
    No explanation just this pretense that I’m not me.

  6. Gina

    Im sharing it!! How do we start our own Social media? To bring these people to their knees we have to take action and create what WE want in this world. Look at us!!!! We are saying we dont want this and sharing all over the place, but no one is changing anything. If I knew how I would start a Social Media that is for the People!! No spying or controlling what we think and say. Free to be free! Nothing will change if we dont MAKE THE CHANG WE WISH TO SEE!!!! Lets do this! m contacting Anonymous to see if they can help in creating a free social network for us. Do what you like.

  7. gary

    Just Leave Facebook.
    They dont let Non members see Linked pages Now so Fuck them.
    They dont pay their TAXES either.
    Go twitter instead.

  8. Azøth Abecedarian

    C’est la vie. What’s the next sn site that’ll pop up next, I wonder?

  9. Sandye Gier

    i’ll gladly share this with zuck not because i think he’s a terrorist or anything but because i think he’s a puke

  10. Paul Gallo

    he owns facebook simple as that , and some things do have a copyright and should not be shared thought we all do it

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  12. Yogi Clinton

    Looks like I’ll have to start the next FACEBOOK!! for freethinkers!!

  13. Lydi Maine

    Just in case… I’ve enjoyed my FB friends. Just don’t like being told what I can’t do!

  14. Jesse Vadasz

    They better ban Obama fan page then.

  15. Vincent Latumalea

    Does corporate terrorism count? #retorical

  16. Joseph McDaniel

    I’ve been in Facebook Jail before, I’m not afraid.

  17. Angelina Bacon

    Then they should deactivate supporters of US government the way it is today. Biggest terrorists ever!

  18. Brandon Jank

    Make no mistake, this is not zucherburghes decision by a long shot. In the last few years the US government has be losing its vast information monopoly faster than it can blink , this is thier ploy to censor indipendant media and anyone with an unfavourable opiniontowards them. They have bern losing in thier attempts to control the internet (rightly so) so what better way to get around politics then to approach the biggest stake holders in the internet and censor us that way. This bas nothing to do with terrorism , and everything to do with regaining control of thier information monopoly

  19. Sue Taylor

    stupid and fb does not need to control my life

  20. Ian Paul

    Fuck Facebook! There’s always MySpace.

  21. Sylvester Smith

    My guess is that there will be mass defections, so many that Zukerberg will be foced to retract or dramatically modify his position.

  22. Sylvester Smith

    That’s OK. Some other enterprising medium will replace or fill the gap left by Facebook. That’s the American Way. I hate reading some of the disgusting Hate. And I can Unfriend, if possible, anything I don’t want to read. But, we go being the1st Amendment Police, we lose a lot.

  23. Sam Colg

    Aimed at the truth before the inevitable big war.

  24. JP Matthew

    If Facebook was to band everyone it thinks to be a terrorist, that is there choice. But they also need to understand that do the world today is changing faster in getting better every day. Mybe Facebook needs to rethink there action going against the people that put them in position there in. There are more of us know than ever before to change the world for the better good, or should I say the greater good for all of humanity, the world belongs to no one . Not US, the news, not even government’s we put people in power to help things go smoothly for all humans and instead we gave the land to monsters that loves greed and power. I guess in the end Facebook will stand alone with all the bad people we leaving behind. Facebook good luck being outcast. This matrix was good once. I guess that’s why the United States always say follow your dreams because you must be asleep to see them.

  25. Jason Eckhardt

    Wouldn’t the community standards apply to all Facebooks?

  26. Alberto Dietz

    There is the Russian one already.

  27. Jason Eckhardt

    We seriously need an alternative to Facebook…

  28. Will Kidder


  29. Leah LoneBear

    It is censoring but we all know the pages that get canned will be cherry picked. I am looking at a post right now from a black rapper that hates fat white people. Why is it still there? Cherry picked. The pages they will take out will be the ones form patriots trying to stand up for this country before it is too late.

  30. Leo Cooper

    new rules fair and reasonable from where I sit

  31. Fictor Meyer

    Zuckerberg is part of the problem, not the solution.

  32. Melissa Stewart

    Not happy about this. I’ll google to verify. Marina Storm

  33. Kasey H Van Ormer

    im going to the darknet to set up a Blackbook account! who will come with me!

  34. Suzette Burnworth

    Those of us who admin non-conformist public pages are waiting to see what happens, for sure.

  35. The Barmy Report

    Sickening, way to many loopholes for censorship.

  36. Jeremy Blank

    Is zuckerberg an oligarch now or under fascist (Washington D.C. ) control?

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