Police Commissioner Investigating Hebdo Shooting Commits Suicide

Reports say head of the investigation of the Hebdo shooting committed suicide in his office between Wednesday and Thursday night. 

Joseph Lemieux  |  The Pontiac Tribune 

Reports are surfacing that Police Commissioner Helric Fredou, who oversaw the investigation of the Charlie Hebdo shooting, committed suicide due to depression, in his office between Wednesday and Thursday night.

The Police Commissioner was 45 years old and single, and had no children.

An official statement from the Police Union, found on their website, reads:

On this particular day of national mourning , police commissioners are newboth hit hard by the tragic death of one of their own. The Union of Commissioners of the National Police would like to present its most sincere condolences to the relatives of Helric. In these difficult times , we have a special thought for all his colleagues and classmates , many of which we expressed their emotion and grief. We will keep you informed of how his funeral will be organized and the initiatives we take to honor his memory and support his family.

This is a developing story.

(Feat. Image: telegraph.co.uk)


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