The Art of War Profiteering, Just Ask Lockheed Martin

War is a failure of diplomacy, one of the darkest sides of the human race. War is something we as a people should be avoiding at all costs.

(The Pontiac Tribune) – War is a failure of diplomacy and one of the darkest sides of the human race, something we as a people should be avoiding at all costs. Unfortunately we have a system that allows companies to amass huge amounts of profit off of our foreign policy, which gives these companies a vested interest in creating, continuing and escalating conflicts around the world. This industry of profit through military might is called the military industrial complex, coined by President Dwight D. Eisenhower in his farewell address to the American people.

The significance of this speech rings true today more than ever before. Even when we combine the defense spending of nearly every other nation in the world into one, the United States still spends more.

So who is the biggest war profiteer in the United States? There are several dozen companies profiting from war, but none make as much as Lockheed Martin.

Lockheed Martin is the largest war profiteer. Since the beginning of our wars in the Middle East, their profit margins increased 516% from the year 2000 through 2008. These numbers are taken right from Lockheed Martin’s annual reports and are based off of net profits from the sale of military aircraft.

In this bar graph, you can visually see the large increase in profits they’ve been accumulating since our country has left peace time and delved into war.

Lockheed makes a lot of money, so what? Well, this might just seem like capitalism in play to you, but the truth is that this industry directly benefits off spilling your fellow countrymen’s blood.

If we’re going to support a system which makes the majority of their huge profits from war, how can we trust our politicians and failing news media to sell us wars that are actually just? With that being said, how do we know that money isn’t keeping us at war today? The defense aerospace industry has spent $40 million in 2014 alone on lobbying. Of that $40 million, Lockheed Martin contributed $10 million to the effort! Someone would be missing out on tons of money if the wars ever stopped, so it wouldn’t surprise me if these companies spent well over $100 million in lobbying to make sure they never lose out.

Lockheed is no stranger to the game, they’ve even ticketed US taxpayers into buying fleets of dysfunctional F-35 jets. This program is estimated to have cost the US government $1.5 trillion. You can watch one of the creators of the F-16 himself, Pierre Sprey, tell you why the F-35 is a lost cause, and a way for Lockheed to make more gains.

As the wars continue and our tax money is bled dry by the ‘defense’ budget, I find it harder and harder to believe these are only timid men who learned the art of war profiteering. I believe Major General Smedley Butler was correct. “War is a Racket”, and the American people are buying!


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