• Foreign Policy
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    Is the Democratic Party Getting Ready to Abandon the Two-State Solution?

    Despite the fact that the Democratic National Convention is nearly a month away, the party has already announced their platform for the coming election. Will the progressive influence of Bernie Sanders be able to push the party platform further to the left in stronger favor of Palestinian recognition? Or are the Democrats preparing to all but dump the two-state solution?

  • Michigan
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    Bird-en of Proof: Parrot’s ‘Testimony’ Could Help Solve Michigan Murder

    The family of a Michigan man who was murdered last year believes that his pet parrot is repeating the man’s last words — and the bird’s testimony may end up being used as evidence in the case.

    Martin Duram, 45, was fatally shot five times in his home in May of 2015. His wife, Glenna Duram, 48, was found with a head wound and is currently in jail awaiting trial for his murder. Martin’s family believes his wife shot him over a money related quarrel and then attempted to kill herself.Weeks after his death, the couple’s pet African grey parrot began loudly repeating an argument between what sound like a pair of male and female voices.

  • World News
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    How US ‘News’ Media Propagandize for War Against Russia

    On June 16th, Adam Johnson at FAIR (Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting) headlined «‘Allegedly’ Disappears as Russians Blamed for DNC Hack», and he broke an enormously important news story about the Washington Post’s propaganda for the US to go to war against Russia. It concerned the question of whether the Russian government had been, as the Post’s reporter Ellen Nakajima alleged, caught red-handed in a cyberattack against both the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and the US government (particularly former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton).

  • U.S. News
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Police officer with bato
    Chicago Mayor Proposes Scrapping Police Accountability Board For Civilian Investigative Agency

    Media pressure on police has hit Chicago PD particularly hard, ignited by the Laquan Mcdonald shooting. Everything’s starting to hang free, from Chicago PD’s off-the-books detention facility, to it’s perpetual cover ups of wrongdoing. The latter recently provoked Mayor Rahm Emanuel to make a bold consideration, whether or not to scrap the city’s broken accountability board.

    Chicago’s Independent Police Review Authority has long maintained a poor reputation amongst the city’s residents. Its investigations into officer misconduct too often are sloth, and rarely result in any disciplinary action. That’s quite the surprise, given how widespread, and consistent, accounts of misconduct typically are. “It is clear that a totally new agency is required to rebuild trust”, Mayor Emanuel wrote in an essay, vague on specifics related to IPRA.

  • Middle East
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    The Poisonous US/UK/Saudi Relationship

    ISIS started of its life as an American tool and puppet of the Reagan administration to wage a proxy war in Afghanistan against the Soviet Union. That old saying, the enemy of my enemy is my friend was practiced with cold, hard headed Realpolitik by the Reagan appointed Director of the CIA Bill Casey and the Pentagon of Caspar Weinberger and Richard Perle. In the 1980s the term for this Islamist, Reagan backed proxy organization was the Mujahidin, the anti-Soviet Arab and Afghan fighters pushing back against Moscow’s December 1979 invasion of Afghanistan. The Mujahidin were CIA backed, financed, trained and equipped.

  • U.S. News
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    Pfizer blocks drug sales to executioners

    The world’s second largest pharmaceutical firm has today officially withdrawn from the lethal injection drug trade, imposing strict distribution controls to prevent its drugs reaching execution chambers across the USA.

    In a strong statement released this afternoon, global giant Pfizer confirmed its opposition to the misuse of its medicines in American executions and its commitment to block all sales for that purpose.

  • Local News
    What We Learned From Wauwatosa PD’s Previously Unreleased Annual Reports

    From 2004-2011, the Wauwatosa Police Department released yearly annual reports on its activities. The protocol wasn’t unusual, police normally provide some form of publicly available documentation. Of course, they don’t outline everything there is to know about a department, they’re simply transparent overviews.

    In 2012, unlike other departments, Wauwatosa’s data never arrived to the city’s page. Around that time, the department cited challenges associated with a new report redaction policy it was forced to adopt. The policy, referenced in several Wauwatosa Now pieces, was enacted after a supreme court ruling on privacy rights.

    A year later, Wauwatosa PD Captain Tim Sharpee said WPD was unable to do the redactions electronically. “So a clerk has to print out that report (and) redact all that information”, he said, alluding to the department’s lack of resources. In 2013, 10-13% of a department sworn for 94 officers left within a four month period. For a time, WPD claimed it lacked the manpower to process reports with the tedious methods available to them. It was assumed, but not entirely verified, that the annual’s were discontinued due to the same phenomenon that affected more regular reports.

  • U.S. News
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    Researchers Boast DEA Approval Of Smoked Cannabis Study For PTSD As A Breakthrough

    The passing of 2016’s unofficial cannabis holiday, 4/20, brought with it encouraging news from the DEA. America’s prohibition dragon head approved the study of medical benefits from smoking gunja. These developments suggest a shift in some extremely outdated perceptions to which many in government continue to cling.

    It wasn’t long ago that the Drug Enforcement Administration’s head, Chuck Rosenberg, mocked the idea of smoking marijuana. “A joke” Rosenberg declared, a bold stance to take at the end of 2015. To date, according to Fortune, 24 states have approved the use of medical cannabis in it’s various forms, nearly half the country.